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  • Business Mobile Banking


    Enjoy the convenience of Business Mobile Banking! It doesn't matter what method you choose, we have the options available for you: Mobile Apps for iPhone ® , IPad ® , Android ® , and Mobile Web. Business Mobile Banking* is free, secure and available wherever you are. All you need to start using Business Mobile Banking is to be enrolled in Business Online Banking.

    Business Mobile Apps

    With our Business Mobile Apps for iPhone ® , IPad ® , and Android ® you can view your account balances, deposit checks, and much more:

    • View account history
    • Transfer money and view Balance graphs
    • Make an ACH or Wire payment
    • Got a question? Skip our phone menu and send a Secure Message.
    App-store iPhone ® , iPad ® : Click on the App Store logo download the application or search "Tech CU" within the App Store.
    google-play Android ® Phone,Tablet: Click on the Android Market logo to download the application or search "Tech CU" within the Google Play Store.

    Business Mobile Deposit

    Deposit a check without leaving your home - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, it's completely secure. Simply endorse the back of your check and take a picture with your iPhone ® (iOS 8 or newer), iPad ® , or Android ® (4.1 or newer) phone or tablet. It's as easy as that!

    All you need to start using Mobile Deposit is to be enrolled in Business Online Banking and complete the Business Mobile Remote Deposit Application (PDF) .

    For important legal and disclosure notifications please read our Cash Management Services Agreement .

    Business Mobile Web

    You can enjoy the convenience of Mobile Web without having to download an app. To take advantage of Mobile Web click here , and use your existing Business Online Banking credentials for the web.

    Business Online Banking Application (PDF) 

    Keep Your Operating System and Applications Up-to-Date

    In general, your device's application store will keep you aware of any required application updates. You can also proactively check for updates.

    • For an iPhone ® or iPad ® , use iTunes on your desktop computer or the settings panel on your phone to check for updates.
    • For an Android ® Phone or tablet device, check your device settings for updates.

    Watch Out for Malicious Software

    Just like your personal computer, your mobile device is susceptible to viruses and malware. That's why it's important to take the following actions to secure your mobile devices.

    Limit your risk of installing malicious software by only downloading trusted applications from an application marketplace or store.

    Take these short, easy steps and you'll be ready to bank on the go.

    • To start using our app, you'll first need to enroll in Business Online Banking. Business Online Banking credentials are required to register for Business Mobile Banking.
    • You'll also need to download and register Apple ® IOS version 8 or newer for iPhone ® and iPad ® or Android ® OS version 4.1 or newer for your phone or tablet device.
    • View the Registration and General FAQs to learn more.
    • View our Business Mobile Deposit FAQs for tips on how to deposit checks from the comfort of your home. (Please note that Tech CU's Mobile Deposit feature is available on iPhone ® , iPad ® , or Android ® devices.)
    • Have more questions? See the Business Mobile Banking FAQs below, and learn about registering, Mobile Deposit, and much more.


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    [ + ] How long should I retain the original check?

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