NOTICE: The San Francisco branch is temporarily closed due to the shelter in place guidelines. The following branches are open: Campbell, Cupertino, Dublin, Fremont, Milpitas, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Teresa and Sunnyvale. Our branch ATMs remain operational, with the exception that we may need to temporarily restrict access to select ATMs due to local conditions. Click here for branch locations and hours.

  • Savings Accounts

    Saving money is a life skill. We can help.

    Did you know that people who plan for the future tend to be happier? After all, the years ahead hold many unknowns — why not be prepared for what life may hand you? Take control by beginning to save — even a few dollars a month can add up over time.

  • Whatever you’re saving for — a home, a vacation, a new car or a “dry spell” — we’re here to help.
    You’d like to earn interest on your money, but you don’t want to tie it up. Consider our flexible high-yield Money Market Account.
    When you’re looking for a higher rate of return and don’t mind “parking” your money for a while, consider a Certificate Account.
    No matter how near or far off your retirement is secure your future with an Individual Retirement Account.
    A Health Savings Account can help you save money on medical expenses like doctor visits, vision care, dental care, and prescriptions.
  • Please note: important information regarding Regulation D and Savings Accounts.

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